25 November 2016

Free Safeguarding Training Resources For Health and Social Care Providers

Free Safeguarding Training ResourcesAre you an organisation who is looking for free safeguarding training resources for your team?

Bradford Council has developed ‘Real Safeguarding Stories’, which are free safeguarding training resources. They have created a series of online awareness videos and content that outline the issues around safeguarding.

These online videos are easy to use and can be streamed direct from the website, so there is no need to download them to your device.

Some of the topics that the free safeguarding training resources cover include:

  • Vulnerable Children
  • Vulnerable Adults
  • Knife Crime
  • Drug Use
  • Domestic Abuse

The online videos produced by Real Safeguarding Stories are aimed to provide training and increase awareness around safeguarding issues. The organisation also host regular awareness events to spread their message further.

What is Safeguarding?

One of the main questions that people want to know the answer to is, what is safeguarding?. Simply put Safeguarding is aimed at protecting people, particularly those who are vulnerable such as children, young people and vulnerable adults so that they can live free from abuse, harm and neglect.

Why is Safeguarding Important?

Safeguarding is such an important topic throughout the UK. As such the government has set out some principles of safeguarding that can help to protect people.

The principles are:

  • empowerment – people should be supported to make their own decisions based on the best possible information
  • prevention – it is better to take action before harm occurs
  • proportionality – what we do should be proportionate to the risk: we don’t want to be over-protective if the risk is low, as this in itself can disadvantage people and deprive of them of the opportunity to make their own decisions
  • protection – those in greatest need require our support and protection
  • partnership – safeguarding is about different people, professions, groups and communities working together to cover all the angles in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect and abuse
  • accountability – as in all our activities as health care assistants, we need to be accountable for what we do in safeguarding.

What does Safeguarding mean?

As already covered Safeguarding is aimed at protecting people. However, the next question is what does safeguarding mean to you? This is where these free courses can be useful. If you would like to expand your knowledge further, you may like to attend a Safeguarding event or complete some safeguarding training.

Do you want to develop skills based on what these free safeguarding training resources show?

As a specialist training provider, we understand the importance of you or your staff having the appropriate training for the specialist skills required for safeguarding.

We can offer Safeguarding training at your site across the UK, even delivering training in twilight hours.

Our specialist safeguarding training covers everywhere from the North East to South West and London. Our Head Office being based in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire where we can also deliver training.

To find out more click here or call 01782 646 346 to talk to our friendly team of advisers who can get you started.

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