31 July 2017

Our Experts Guide To Running The Best Care Home Possible

With a wide range of experience in the Care industry, our expert teachers have compiled the following to help you with running your care home. Don’t forget to share your top tips from your experience in the comments section.

    1. 1. Create a positive environment

      One of our top tips is to create a positive environment for both your staff and your residents. This starts by ensuring that staff are fully competent in all aspects of their job by completing their staff training. By increasing staff knowledge you will ensure staff are more confident in their roles and this will in turn lead to increased colleague engagement which then results in a better experience for residents.

      2. Create a clean, homely environment

Secondly, we recommend that you consistently stay on top of cleaning within your care home due to the amount of visitors that you are likely to have. In the Care Home industry it is important to have a great reputation for offering a high level of care and getting the basics right is pivotal. This is because you want people to be talking positively about your care home and the one of the first things noted is often how the care home presents itself.

    1. 3. Create activities with plenty of variety

      When selecting activities for residents at your care home it’s important to meet a few criteria. Firstly, it is important to have different kinds of activities. For example having activities that are on every week is nice and easy for residents and families to remember and if successful can also give residents a set item each week to look forward to. However, where care homes can really make a difference is by consistently creating fresh activities on a regular basis. This gives a nice variation for residents and keeps things exciting.

      4. Show that you really care

This may sound obvious, but it is important to reiterate.. it’s important to show that you really care about your residents. When we say show that you care, what we really mean is going above and beyond to show you care. Not just knowing residents names but knowing their specific behaviors and daily habits. By doing this, as carers you are able to adapt and really care for each individuals specific needs and as every resident is different this can make a huge difference.


Do you have any care home tips? Feel free to leave yours in the comments section below!

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