Cybersecurity Technician Bootcamp

Covering all aspects of cybercrime prevention, the course features eight separate units, giving students a thorough depth and understanding of Cybercrime prevention. Free of charge to individuals who are unemployed.

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With all of the positive change that the internet has brought to our lives, there comes with it a huge challenge in protecting sensitive data. The aim of a cyberattack is to gain unauthorised access, steal data and cause immeasurable damage to the computer networks of an organisation. Undoubtedly, these attacks are one of the most challenging risks for businesses at present, in order to prevent reputational damage, operational disruption, and the loss of customer data – which could result in costly lawsuits.

In order to risk proof your business, our Acacia Cybersecurity Skills Bootcamp allows you to upskill existing staff members to train in preventing attacks, as well as enabling the cost-effective recruitment of newly qualified cybersecurity specialists. Heavily discounted for employers wishing to train their staff in the sector, and completely free to individuals in looking for a new career path, our intensive short course is available to anybody aged 19+.

This government funded programme is designed to provide the knowledge and practical skills required by individuals working within the cyber security space. Learners will gain a Level 3 certificate in Cyber Security Principles after successful completion, allowing them to effectively protect organisations from phishing attacks, ransomware, malware attacks, insider threats, and data breaches.

Bootcamp Benefits

  • Protect your business from cyberattacks
  • Heavily discounted for employers
  • Completely free to unemployed individuals
  • Unlimited support from our Acacia tutors
  • 6-week short course to fit around your needs
  • Receive a Level 3 qualification upon completion.

Course Content

Covering all aspects of cybercrime prevention, the course features eight separate units, to give students a thorough depth and understanding of Cybercrime prevention:

  • Unit 1: Principles of Cyber Security
  • Unit 2: Legislation
  • Unit 3: Ethical Conduct
  • Unit 4: Professional Skills
  • Unit 5: Threat Intelligence
  • Unit 6: Testing
  • Unit 7: Vulnerabilities & Controls
  • Unit 8: Incident Response.

Delivered outside of normal work hours, our Cybersecurity Technician Bootcamp takes place between 6pm-8:30pm Monday to Friday, and every Saturday from 2-6pm, over a 6-week period.

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