31 October 2017

6 Care Home Entertainment Ideas To Transform Your Care Home

Why Is Care Home Entertainment Important?

Care home entertainment is so important nowadays as it is imperative to provide the highest quality care possible to residents. By offering a wide range of care home activities for residents to take part in it means that their time in the care home will be maximized and made much more enjoyable for them.

6 Care Home Entertainment Types

Depending on time of year and circumstances, there is a range of entertainment that you can offer to yours residents in your care home. These are highlighted below:

#1 Arts and crafts

It is important to offer activities that are mentally stimulating, fun as well as a challenge. Additionally, arts and crafts can also help to aid recovery for patients. This is why arts and crafts is a great choice as care home entertainment.

Where to find Arts and Crafts Care Home Entertainment:


Creative Buddy

Creative Mojo

#2 Musician

Where to find Musicians as Care Home Entertainment:

#3 Pianist

Where to find Pianists as Care Home Entertainment:

#4 Bingo

Where to find Bingo for Care Home Entertainment:

#5 Animal Petting

Where to find Animal Petting Care Home Entertainment:

#6 Exercise

Where to find Exercise as Care Home Entertainment:

Care Home Entertainment Costs

Care home entertainment costs can vary from anywhere between voluntary to several hundred pounds depending on the entertainment required.

If your budget is tight to offer care home entertainment then it is recommended to have a blend of activities ranging from free activities that can be run by your staff at the care home, to the occasional activities from the entertainment categories listed above.



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