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Acacia Training ‘AAC 2021 Apprenticeship Provider of the Year’ is proud to offer an extensive range of valuable and innovative courses to meet your individual needs and support the development of your workforce.

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Level 2 and 3 Courses

As part of the fully-funded courses, you will be supported by your own expert tutor, group delivery session, and e-learning platform to ensure your education journey is meaningful, purposeful, and quality-driven. We hope you enjoy discovering what is available to you. Should you require further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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    Level 2 Certificate in Equality & Diversity

    This qualification promotes social awareness and good practice of equality and diversity within  community, at work, at home and in society in general. Whether you would like to strengthen your own knowledge, or become more socially aware, this course is perfect for you.

    Level 2 Certificate on Principles of Prevention & Control of Infection

    By completing this course, learners will be equipped with a greater understanding of how to prevent and control the spread of infection in the workplace, and this can also be applied in their personal life. Learners will also gain knowledge of how to identify infections as well as the different types of infection.

    Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition & Health

    This nationally recognised qualification explores influential factors such as the principles of healthy eating and weight management. The course also introduces nutrition in the context of eating disorders, and explains how to prepare food safely in a home environment

    Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Dementia Care

    Whether you are looking to start or develop a career in the care industry, or you simply want to know more about dementia for personal reasons, this course is the perfect place to start, as it explores crucial elements of the different types of dementia